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You might be having some questions about painting and maintenance. We are here to answer all your questions. Regular Maintenance that saves your money and Property 

  • Use of high energy water stream to remove the old coatings and clean the surface
  • This process is removes effectively oil and grease , rust and existing coatings
  • A layer or film spread over a surface for protection or decoration
  • coatings are high grade products that can provide decorative appeal but are primarily designed to protect the substrate from degradation either from environmental or chemical actions. It is both metals and non metals, such as concrete, brick, plastics, and timber deteriorate in natural environments.
  • Protective coatings are designed to seal off the substrate from these damaging reactions thus preventing corrosion. A correct, well planned choice of paint system for buildings & structures and its subsequent maintenance is decisive, in the long run, to its profitability. 
  • Painting must be taken seriously.
  • Uniform thick coatings is produced reducing the no of coatings, better uniform finish
  • Coating penetrates into the deep pits , crevices
  • Good adhesion and High quality Finish
  • Because it governs the service life of the applied coating.
  • The priority in any form of painting program is the condition of the existing surface and the level of surface preparation required prior to painting;
  • Buildings may be in poor condition and cannot be repainted without removing the old coatings.
  • Old Steel structures & tanks may be corroding and require refurbishment to extend the life of these assets. Removal of all rust by abrasive , power tool cleaning or water jetting is necessary prior to applying a protective coatings system. New steel structures & tanks require abrasive blasting to etch the surface and to remove welding slag & mill scale. In preparation for appropriate coatings systems
  • To remove the surface of concrete areas thus providing a new concrete surface.
  • To remove anti-foul from yachts, cruisers and all marine craft.
  • Cleaning of machineries, floors and facilities. To provide a non slip profile to concrete floors.
  • Water tank cleaning at regular interval is important for the health of mankind. Water from water tank is used for bathing, brushing, washing and even for cooking. Not cleaning the tanks in regular intervals sometimes leads to compromising on the health of habitants.
  • Around 60% of diseases caused to humans are water-borne. Contamination of water is major cause of illness to mankind and most usual ways water getting contaminated is through improper maintenance or not cleaning water tank at regular interval. 
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of Water Tank is very important where number individual works or resides such as Individual house, apartment complex, restaurant, in medium or large companies to keep water tank clean and prevent contamination of water.
  • Waterproofing is a method which prevents water from penetrating your house. Waterproofing is very important as it keep your house dry. It helps reduce humidity inside the house and there by protects things inside your house from damage caused due to humidity or water exposure. It is also important for the veracity of the building.
  • The principal of coating was rejects the UV and IR rays so that coated surface is not getting heat up keeping the room cool and comfortable
  • A wall decal, also known as a wall sticker, wall tattoo, or wall vinyl, is a vinyl sticker that is affixed to a wall or other smooth surface for decoration and informational purposes.
  • Wall decals are cut with vinyl cutting machines. Most decals use only one color, but some may have various images printed upon them.