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We have a w i d e range of services!
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Our Services

WELCOME to "Painters India“ coating specialists for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Marine applications. 

  • High Pressure Water Washing- Removal Loose/Damage Paints, Algae, Fungus.
  • Quick Water Wash – Removes only Dust ,Algae fungus and Stains to keep your house Good.
  • Spray/Roller/Brush Painting-Interior & Exterior House.
  • Wood Finish-Varnish, Enamel , PU
  • Wall Stickers , Wall murals.
  • Wall Stencils- Floral , Religious, Birds & Animals.
  • Wall Art - Kids Room, Living Room, Bed Room, Textures.
  • Tanjur Paintings , Madura Sanjhi Arts.
  • Drinking Water Tank –High pressure water cleaning , Maintenance , Repairs & coatings
  • Water Proofing –Dampness and Seepages Repairs and Coatings on Roof Terrace, Water tanks , internal& external Walls
  • Weather Coat (Heat Reducing Coat)
  • High Pressure Water Cleaning – Floor & shed washing, machinery washing, Quick washing
  • Industrial Coatings- Structures, Machineries , Pipeline coatings,Floor coatings and Road markings
  • Marine coatings- Underwater Coatings, Tank coatings, Accommodation, Deck coatings
  • Coating Inspection Services